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Buyer Questions for Hot Tub Dealers

by | Feb 11, 2021

Now that you’ve decided to upgrade your home with a hot tub, you’ve got to do your due diligence to buy a tub that resonates with your lifestyle. All the options can be overwhelming. To ensure that you make the most prudent decision, there are a few questions you need to ask. We have a list of questions you can print out and take with you to your local hot tub dealer.

Build and Quality

Before you purchase a hot tub, you want to be sure that it’s made of high-quality materials and it’s built to last. Hence, here the questions you should ask:


How Long Will the Hot Tub Last?

The lifespan of a hot tub is based on the type of material used and the owner’s care. As such, your dealer should be able to tell you about the expected life span of the hot tub. A hot tub’s longevity should span from 5 to 20 years.


What Material is the Tub Made of?

Your dealer should be able to explain to you that the most durable tubs are those that are made of high-quality materials. Hot tubs made from fiberglass and acrylic are long-lasting since they are resistant to UV and chemical damage. They should also tell you that hot tubs with lower price ranges may be made from rotary plastics, hence are not long-lasting.


How Powerful is the Tub’s Circulating System?

Since every hot tub needs a pump to power the jets and circulates water, you need to know how powerful the tub‘s circulating system is before taking it home. You need to know how much power the hot tub will need to circulate the water.


Tell me About How the Tub is Built.

Ask the dealer about the process of building a hot tub. This will help you familiarize yourself with accessories that you may need in case of a breakdown.


Tell me Where the Tub is Built.

You should also seek to know where the hot tub was made. Tubs that are made in countries with reduced labor costs and regulations may have more quality control issues. Additionally, they increase the carbon footprint since they have to be transported over long-distances. Locally made tubs are usually the best since they don’t have quality control issues, are of premium-quality, and their accessories are easily accessible.


How Noisy is the Spa?

Hot tubs have pumps and jets that keep the water moving, inevitably there will be operating noise. Ideally, you want to have a normal conversation while relaxing in your home Spa. Ask your hot tub dealer to explain the difference in noises between various hot tubs. Wet test the tub to hear it before you take it home.


What Type of Insulation Does the Spa Have?

The type of insulation is a significant factor for differentiating hot tubs. Your dealer should be able to explain about insulations on different spas. They should tell you whether the spa you want to buy has partial form, full foam, thermal wrap, or has no insulation.

Features & Technology

You should also seek to know the features and enhancements that make the spa more convenient. Some questions you should ask include:


What are the Standard Features?

Before you decide to buy a particular hot tub, you should know its standard features.


What are the optional features?

You should also seek to understand which optional features you’ll find in the hot you want to buy.


What are the Most Important Features?

Your hot tub dealer should confirm that the spa you want to buy has all the essential features, including insulation, lighting, controls, cooling systems, massage jets, and hot tub entertainment packages.


Tell me About the Technology.

Your dealer should confirm that the hot tub you want to purchase has the latest technology features. These include Bluetooth connectivity, entertainment options, versatile temperature control, entertainment options, multicolored lighting, and wireless remote control.


What accessories and options are available?

Check to see whether the spa you want to buy comes with accessories and options such as cover lifters, steps, handrails, and spa-side umbrellas.

Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient tub will help reduce your cost and energy consumption.


How Much will this spa Add to my Utility Bills?

While a spa adds about $10 to $20 per month, your dealer should tell you about the tubs that can help you save on energy consumption.


What is My Carbon Footprint?

While hot tubs are a fantastic addition to your property, they may significantly impact the environment due to their carbon emission. As such, you should ask your dealer about a green hot tub when shopping.


Does Winter Climate Affect Your Hot Tub?

Yes. If you live in a winter climate you will want to buy a tub that is engineered with that in mind.


When buying a hot tub, you want a manufacturer that stands behind its products. So, ask these warranty questions.


Is there a Warranty?

Although various components of a hot tub come with different warranties, you should seek to know about any warranties tied to a spa.


How long is the warranty?

You also need to know the duration of the warranty. The hot tub dealer should explain whether the warranty covers labor, parts, and service calls.


What does the Warranty cover?

Ensure the Warranty fully covers you.


You also need to know everything about hot tub installation.


What is the Cost of Installation?

Your dealer should tell you how much a hot tub installation will cost.


How Easy is it to Relocate?

If you want to move to another location or take it with you when you move you need to know if it can be moved.


What is Involved in a Hot Tub Installation?

Your local hot tub dealer should be able to walk you through every step of the installation process.


Although modern tubs boast technologies that reduce monitoring and maintenance, there are a few routine care practices you should perform.


How much time will I invest in Maintenance?

Ask your dealer about the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to maintain the hot tub?


What types of chemicals will I need to use?


How will I know how to Maintain my New Hot Tub?

Also, enquire whether the manufacturers or dealers will teach you how to maintain the tub.

How do I know which is the right hot tub for me?

There are many questions to ask before buying a hot tub. Our Arctic Spas® hot tub specialists are always available to answer your questions and provide guidance on how to choose the right hot tub. Make an appointment for a personal or virtual consultation or download our hot tub buyer guide here.

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