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Using Your All-Weather Pool in the Fall

by | Oct 11, 2023

The autumn season’s crisp air and cool days offer a unique and tranquil swimming experience. One of the greatest advantages of owning an All-Weather pool is that it provides year-round enjoyment, even as the weather cools down in fall. Due to superior construction and energy-efficient engineering, All-Weather Pools are able to effectively capture and recycle heat. This same innovative technology also allows for lower running costs, meaning you can indulge in the year round comfort of a spa, no matter the season.

Here’s how to make the most of your all-weather pool in the fall:


Adjust the Temperature

As the weather cools, consider raising the temperature of your all-weather pool slightly. A comfortably warm pool on a crisp fall day can be incredibly inviting. Arctic Spas’ All-Weather Pools employ patented FreeHeat™ technology to provide premium insulation where it matters most, keeping your spa’s internal mechanisms warm and running smoothly. FreeHeat™ technology also utilizes ambient heat produced by your All-Weather Pool’s pumps to warm your shell and water, allowing for lower running costs even in the colder months.


Warm Up the Surroundings

Make the pool area cozier by adding fall-inspired decor. Think warm-toned cushions and blankets, pumpkin decorations, and perhaps some soft outdoor lighting. These touches will create an inviting atmosphere for evening swims or gatherings.


Maintain Proper Pool Chemistry

Keep a close eye on your pool’s water chemistry, even in the fall. It’s still essential to maintain the right balance of chemicals to prevent any issues and keep the water inviting. Thankfully, our revolutionary and remote maintenance tool, Spa Boy® allows you to perform routine maintenance, wherever you happen to be – in the other room, across town or the other side of the world. Along with OnSpa internet connectivity, Spa Boy® represents the most powerful, easy-to-use, cost-effective maintenance solution in the world.


Regularly Clean and Skim

Falling leaves are a hallmark of autumn, but they can quickly accumulate in your pool. Be sure to use your cover and be diligent about skimming the surface to keep your pool clean.


Embrace the Tranquility

Fall brings a unique sense of calm and tranquility to your pool area. This relaxing environment is aided by your All-Weather Pool’s ability to provide hot tub-like temperatures while still offering the vast openness of a pool. Take the time to appreciate the beauty of the season while you swim or soak in the warm temperatures of your Arctic Spas All-Weather Pool.


Themed Gatherings

Consider hosting fall-themed pool parties or gatherings. Autumn is the perfect time of year to embrace all things apple cider, pumpkin spice, and cozy sweaters. These events can be a hit with friends and family, creating lasting memories of your fall swimming adventures.

In conclusion, your Arctic Spas All-Weather Pool can be a fantastic oasis throughout the fall season. With the right adjustments, decor, and a plan for maintenance, you can continue to enjoy the relaxation and recreation it provides well into the autumn months. Savor the beauty and tranquility of your pool in the fall.